Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance (Medigap) Plans

While it might look like Medicare Supplement plans are nothing more than a bowl of alphabet soup, selecting a plan that suits your needs is very straightforward. Medicare Supplement coverage is made up of 10 standardized plans lettered A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N (please note that there are no plans with letters E, H, I, or J). All Medicare Supplement policies enhance the coverage of Original Medicare, “filling in the gaps” of Part A and B coverage. The variety of plans helps you choose whether you want to fill in only some gaps of coverage or all of the gaps in your Original Medicare plan.

To be eligible to sign up for Medigap you must already have an Original Medicare policy. Medicare supplemental insurance is handled on a state-by-state basis and you can pick any policy you want from an insurance company that is licensed in your state. Medicare supplimentals are paid on a monthly basis just like your Medicare Part B plan.

Even if you become sick you can still renew your Medigap insurance as long as your monthly premium has been paid. Though Medigap goes a long way in giving you excellent health benefits it does not cover 100% of every healthcare cost you may encounter (prescription drugs benefits are one such exemption). To get prescription drug benefits you will also need to sign up for a Medicare Part D prescription plan.

» What does a Medicare Supplement cost?

Medicare Supplements (also known as Medigap) come in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes it easy to find a plan that suits both your needs and your budget. Plans will also vary based on your age and zip code, so the easiest way to get an accurate cost is to begin a Medicare Supplement quote or to call our offices at 1-800-356-3615.*If you’re about to turn 65 and want to get a quote you should enter your birth date as though you are already 65 since prices for Medicare Supplements are much higher for those 64 or younger.

» What does a Medicare Supplement give me?

Medicare Supplements were designed to cover many of the costs not traditionally associated with Original Medicare. Some of the “gaps” which Medicare Supplements help fill in, include:1) Part A coinsurance and hospital costs up to an additional 365 days (after Medicare benefits are used up)
2) Part B coinsurance or copayment
3) Drawing first 3 pints of blood (per calendar year)
4) Part A hospice care coinsurance or payment
5) Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
6) Part A deductible
7) Part B deductible
8) Part B excess charges
9) Foreign travel health expenses (up to plan limits)Some Medigap plans cover more or less of the total costs of these healthcare expenses. Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprohensive of the available plans and additionally includes 365 days of additional hospital coverage (after your limit has been exhausted) and up to $50,000 of coverage for Foreign Travel Emergencies.We can help you figure out the best plan for your needs by calling our offices at 1-800-356-3615.

» How do I switch Medicare Supplement plans?

As you get older, your healthcare needs can change. Switching Medicare Supplement plans can be done at any time but it will require filling out a new insurance application and answering questions about your health. Switching plans can be difficult and your application may be denied if you have any pre-existing health conditions such as cancer, so it is important to pick the right Medicare Supplement plan when you first sign up.In California, it is possible to switch health insurance carriers (not plans) once per year during your birth month without having to evaluate your health history.

To determine the best plan for your health needs, please call our offices at 1-800-356-3615.

» How do I apply for Medicare Supplement plans?

Applying for Medicare Supplements are as easy as can be. We offer a simple way to get started online, simply go to our Apply Now page and answer a few basic questions about your health background. We can instantly show you prices and quotes from some of the best health insurers in the nation.If you are 64, about to turn 65, please enter your birth date as if you were already 65 years of age. This will help make your Medicare Supplement quote more accurate.

» Am I eligible for a Medicare Supplement if I’m under 65?

For those who are about to turn 65, you can begin the application process at any time by using our Apply Now instant quote form. Please note, you should enter your birth date as though you are already 65 years old since this will give a more accurate Medicare Supplement quote.You may be eligible for a Medicare Supplement if you are under 65 and have a qualifying disability or have an End-Stage Renal Disease. You can call our office at 1-800-356-3615 to speak to an agent and find out more.

» Help me compare Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans?

No problem! We offer a great tool for helping you determine whether a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan is right for you. Simply check out our Medicare Wizard, and by answering a few simple questions, we can put you on the path to the best plan for your needs.If you’d rather speak to a friendly licensed agent, you can always call our offices at 1-800-356-3615 and get the answers to all your questions.

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